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Innovation's at it's Best

 We are a start up company with an incredibly designed product, headed for the markets of today.


Understanding that the key to success is a combination of things working together like the inner components of a Swiss watch. From years of working side by side with some of the largest manufacturing companies in the world, we have come away with the perfect formula. We know that when you blend the following, there is no other outcome but triumph.



An extremely desirable, useful product

High quality materials

 High quality manufacturing equipment

 Brilliant leadership

 Superior manufacturing process

Well compensated, happy employees

Incredibly comfortable working environment

 Salesmen that believe in what they represent

 Built in America, Built by Americans, Built for Americans 


 Coming Soon the revealing of our new product!

Words from our Founder/CEO



Vision Designed, Refined and Brought to Life


My Name is Jeffrey A. Hovland Sr. As the founder of JahTah Inc. I want to share my thoughts, intentions and commitment with you. I have been involved in manufacturing over the last 37 years. I have been a key player in the completion of many multi-million dollar projects. Now it is time for me to put all my experience to use in this great opportunity I have created. I have been exposed to some of the finest practices on the market today. I have designed a product that will enhance the way tools are stored and used. My goals laid out to you are very conservative compared to my intentions. I intend to have our product in every major hardware chain competing in the market today along with many other hardware stores. My commitment is of the highest to this venture,  along with my commitment to our local community, as I begin to employ many and establish a working community to be proud of. I welcome you as you join our venture and thank you for the trust you put in me.

Meet our Board of Directors

Director of the Board Byron Schlenker



Property Manager NYS Fair New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets

BYRON SCHLENKER takes a vision and makes it reality through sound strategy development. He is an inspirational leader who motivates his team to work cohesively to reach their objectives. Respected as an intelligent and experienced voice in decision making, Byron earns a seat at the table wherever he serves.

Currently, as Property Manager of the New York State Fair, the cornerstone of the NY State Department of Agriculture and Markets, Byron oversees the buildings, grounds and maintenance operations of a 375-acre facility and 5 million dollar a year capital improvement budget. He managed the successful building of the New York State Exposition Center, a 136,000 square foot convention center and continues to supervise the maintenance and operation of it, while managing a team of over 90 employees.

Previously, Plant Utility Superintendent of multiple New York State facilities including the NY State Department of Mental Health and NY State Department of Corrections, Byron has established a reputation of integrity and diligence in addition to creating a network of colleagues and friends in various posts in New York State.

Byron Is a Certified New York State Codes Official, holds a Universal Refrigerant License and was selected for, and recently graduated the New York State Leadership Institute at the University of Albany. He served his country as a Machinist Mate in the United States Navy and an expert Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Technician.

Board Member Heath Patterson



Heath Patterson is a veteran that served 11 years in the United States Army. Six of those years were with the B Battery, 2nd Battalion, 142nd Field Artillery Regiment as a Fire Direction Specialist & Cannon Crew Member. Heath served two deployments, the first with Operation Noble Eagle as SECFOR (security forces) and the second with Operation Iraqi Freedom, also SECFOR. After his second deployment he served the remainder of his military career with the 1041st Engineering Company as a Bridge Crew Member transporting, assembling and disassembling floating bridges for forces to cross water ways. Heath loves to help others in his community and did so as a volunteer Firefighter in Lyman Wyoming for 3 years, achieving the rank of Firefighter 2 and served as the Training Officer. For the past seven years Heath has worked for Lindsey Management Company as the Community Director for 2 apartment communities totaling 708 apartment units. He directly manages 12+ employees both in administration and property maintenance. During his time with Lindsey Management, Heath has been recognized for his efforts to improve and streamline Lindsey’s business practices and has been awarded the President’s Award (years 2013-2018), Rising Star Award (2013), and Company First Award (2018). Heath and his Wife have been married for 8 years and have 3 rambunctious boys. Heath strives each day to instill good character and strong work ethic in each of his boys, Ryan, William and Evan.

Board Member Daylon Hilty



I joined the military one month after High School graduation and never looked back.  My first 5 years in the US Army was as a Special Electronic Devices Repairer, repairing all manner of electronic equipment including but not limited to night vision goggles, thermal viewers, mine detectors, chemical agent monitors and position azimuth determining systems.  I got out of the military with an eye on college, but the military life was something I missed too much.  After signing back up a new career was chosen, Combat Medic.  I did that for 6 years and greatly enjoyed my time as a medic, all of that time being spent in either Infantry or Armor units.  However 11 years was going to be it for my military career as a long-suffering knee injury finally ended my time in the Army.  Before going back to the US my Wife and I (who I had met and married while stationed in Germany) decided to stick it out in Germany for awhile as a DOD Civilian.  It was not meant to be and we came back to the US.  2 years in a Vocational School in Kansas where I furthered my electronic skills and even added a few that I enjoy but have very little practical experience in (Hello PLC's) and which all led to a change in career yet again, as I was became a Communications Technology technician working for Union Telephone.  6 years later and a desire to spend more time with my family and less time tied to a job that took most of my free time lead to yet another career change, to a Trona mine in southwest Wyoming where I am currently employed by Genesis Alkali as a Mono Plant South Control Helper, a job that challenges me physically and intellectually. I am happily married and have 7 children ranging in ages from 25 to 5. 

In my personal opinion, you do not decide that you are a leader, those around you willing to follow you decide that.  I have always preferred to lead from within, not above.  In my 11 years in the military and my 16 years in the workforce following that I have seen many leadership styles.  The only one that seemed to inspire people to achieve more than they thought possible is having a leader who truly feels like he is a part of the team, not the head of it.  

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